Welcome to my web site.

From this site you may download my software products: the Penguin game editor for Chess, and the GoRilla game editor for Go ( Weiqi, Baduk ), Othello ( Reversi ), Hex, Unlur, Havannah and Kropki.

Both are freeware applications for Windows.  They stand alongside many commercial editors and offer some original functionality.

You may also play online games of Chess, Go, Havannah, Othello / Reversi, Onyx, Pente, Unlur using the Gorrion game server.

I hope that you will find these products enjoyable and useful and that they will help you improve your skill at these games.

You may contact me, Dariusz Stachowski, at [ ].


March 2018 - Gorrion.  Games of Chess are now playable on the Gorrion game server.

February 2018 - Penguin.  Version 15 of Penguin and version 17 of GoRilla were released.

February 2017 - Gorrion.  The Gorrion server for the online play of games of Go, Onyx, Pente, Othello / Reversi, Unlur has been added to this web site.

December 2016 - GlowWorm.  I am still progressing my application for the layout of electronic circuits on prototype circuit boards. There is no download just yet. The web page gives the current state of development, shows some snapshots and explains the capabilities that will be available.

May 2016 - Guestbook.  A guestbook was added to this site. Please do record any comments you may have.

May 2012 - New Domain.  The domain is now the primary site for hosting my products. The Tiscali and F9 sites that I have used in the past will be discontinued. Please relink any web addresses you may have to


Penguin Game editor for Chess.


Game editor for Go ( Weiqi, Baduk ), Othello ( Reversi ), Hex, Unlur, Havannah and Kropki.

Gorrion - Online Game Server

A web server for the online play of games of Chess, Go, Havannah, Onyx, Othello / Reversi, Pente, Unlur.

There is no software download. You play via the pages of the web site.

GlowWorm - Electronics Layout

A Windows application to facilitate the layout and management of electronic components on prototype circuit boards.

Curently under development. There is no download yet.

Support.  Penguin, GoRilla, Gorrion and GlowWorm are my own work and have been developed in my spare time over a number of years. I have plans for further development. To help keep my interest alive in these products and to help fund further work, please consider making a donation.