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Penguin History

This page gives information about the history of the Penguin game editor.  Further development of the program is planned for the future.

Program History

Version 15.1

May 2018
No change.  Reissued the program with new documentation to announce the fact that Chess is now available on my online game server, Gorrion.

Version 15

February 2018
Dialog Font Size.  New functionality to increase the dialog font size in case you are attempting to use Penguin on a small screen notebook laptop.

Comment Window Font.  The font in the application comment windows can now be set by the user.

Collection Reordering.  New functionality to re-order the games within a collection in order of player, ECO, opening, date or event.

Collection Event Information.  New functionality to set the place, event and event date parameters for all games within the collection.
Board Font.  Better visual display for Windows 7 and higher operating systems.

Version 14

January 2017
Navigation Positions.  New functionality to store up to 10 quick-navigation positions.

PGN Extensions.  New functionality to store PGN extensions into any generated / stored PGN file.

Minor software updates to add a few fixes and improvements.

Version 13

July 2016
Portable Version.  Penguin is now available as a portable download, for users who need to load the program on a USB drive or other portable device.

Positional Preview Windows.  Penguin can display preview windows of board positions.

Comments.  New functionality to remove all comments from all games within the collection.

Co-Ordinates A-H, 1-8.  Re-introduced functionality to display board co-ordinate numbers and letters, A-H, 1-8.

Version 12.1

February 2016
Branching.  Software fix to resolve an instability when pruning branches.
Version 12

January 2016
RTF Export.  Games can be exported as a document in RTF file format and displayed using your choice of Word / Office document software, from which you will be able to make edits, reformat, print, save as DOC, save as PDF.

Printing.  Printing can be done after display of the RTF export.  The existing print functionality has been removed.

Comments.  Comments can now be added 'pre-move'.  The user has an option to show / hide the 'pre-move' comment window.

Positional Advantage.  Positional advantage indicators can be added to the current game position: level game, white / black slight / clear advantage.

MS Export.  New functionality to export an image of the current game position in a format suitable for pasting into a MS Word document.

ASCII To Clipboard.  An ASCII image of the current game position can be copied to the Windows clipboard.

Chess Fonts.  Fonts are now installed automatically at program installation.

Backup.  The directory for the backup files is now located in the system 'Application Data' directory.

ECO Classification.  The user has the option to evaluate opening classification either by move order or by transposition.

Store UCI Sequences.  Removed functionality to store UCI best move sequences to the game tree.

Co-Ordinates A-H, 1-8.  Removed functionality to display board co-ordinate numbers and letters, A-H, 1-8.

Version 11

June 2015
Time Control.  Added support for the PGN tag TimeControl.

Event Date.  Added support for the PGN tag EventDate.

Non Standard PNG Tags.  The program now preserves any non standard PGN tags that appear in a PGN file.

Events.  New functionality to view / manage event information for games within a collection.

Arrows.  Added options for automatic display of last / next played moves.

Windows Registry.  The program now stores settings in the Windows registry.  The INI file is no longer used.

Co-Ordinates A-H, 1-8.  New options to display board co-ordinate numbers and letters, A-H, 1-8.

Version 10

June 2013
Openings Explorer.  New functionality to display the most popular lines of opening play.

UCI Chess Engine.  New functionality to follow a particular line of play suggested by a UCI engine.

Version 9

June 2012
Arrows.  New functionality to include arrows on game positions, and to include them in image exports.

Store UCI Sequences.  New functionality to store UCI best move sequences to the game tree.

Non-PGN Capture Format.  New functionality to handle non-PGN capture notation of the form ‘BxN’ or ‘PxB=Q’.

Letters.  New option to display letters A-H and numbers 1-8.

Large Collections.  New faster loading and saving of game files containing large game collections.

Version 8.1

December 2011
Software fix to resolve an instability when pruning branches.
Version 8

December 2011
Printing.  Print functionality has been improved.  In particular, a new pre-print dialog collects options from the user and allows header and footer text to be set.

PGN Error Handling.  Improved functionality to notify user of PGN errors within game files.

Version 7.1

October 2011
A software fix was made to prevent the program becoming unstable when importing PGN text.

FEN.   Corrected FEN functionality.  In version 7 FEN full move numbers were out by one.

Version 7

October 2011
Toolbars.   Toolbars have been added to facilitate program operation.

PGN Import.  Penguin now validates PGN text before it is added to the collection, allowing the user to make edits to the text.

PGN Export to Clipboard.  Penguin can export text in several PGN formats: short, long, long print.

GIF / BMP Image Export.  A caption can be added to GIF / BMP image exports.

Backup.  Backup files will be created with an ECH / PGN extension.

Version 6

July 2011
UCI Chess Engines.  New functionality to interface with UCI engines.

Long Algebraic.  Penguin will accept the long algebraic format within PGN files ( e.g. e2-e4 Ng8-f6 or e2e4 Ng8f6 )

Move Number Navigation.  New functionality to navigate to a specific move number.  This also includes functionality to navigate to the next / previous pawn / capture move.

Board Composition.  Added controls to set castling, en-passant and move number information.

Short Notation.  Added option to display / print moves in short notation.

Motif Chess Font.  The Motif chess font has been added as one of the available fonts.

Version 5

June 2010
Import Game Text.  New functionality to import games by direct pasting of FEN / PGN text.

PGN Export.  New functionality to generate PGN text for the current game and to copy it to the Windows clipboard.

Bookmarks.  Dialog can now delete multiple bookmarks.

Updates.  Added a ‘Check for updates’ menu entry to enable the latest news on the program to be fetched from the product web site.

Version 4

April 2010
Memory Utilisation.  Better data management has been built into the program to enable faster loading and reduce memory usage, making it particularly suitable for working with large PGN and ECH files.

Edit Player Name.  Functionality has been added to the players dialog to correct any name misspellings.

Branching.  A change has been made to the way that branch information is stored.  In particular, the restriction on the number of branches from each game position has been removed.

Read-Only Files.  Added functionality to prevent backing up of write-protected files being attempted.

Chess Fonts.  A choice of several fonts is available.

Version 3

August 2009
Openings.  A database of openings has been included to facilitate classification of games.

Statistics.  Opening and player statistics can be viewed for the games in the collection.

Comment.  A better comment / annotation control has been added.

FEN Notation.  FEN text strings can be generated of game positions.  Also a FEN text string may be imported into a board composition.

Bookmarks.  Bookmark orders are now retained.

Version 2

June 2009
PGN Format.  Game files can be stored / imported / exported in the PGN format ( in addition to Penguin's own game format. )

Bookmarking.  Positions can be bookmarked.  A dialog facilitates management of the bookmarks. 

Documentation.  Documentation is available as a compiled HTML Help module.

Memory Utilisation.  Improved memory management techniques have been built into the program to reduce memory usage.

Faster Loading.  Changes have been made to enable faster loading of large game files.

Irregular Moves.  Functionality to make irregular moves has been added.

Layout, Options.  Improved background options and dialog layout have been added.

GIF Export.  Improved options for GIF image export have been added.

Version 1

June 2008

This was the first public offering of the Penguin program.