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GoRilla History

This page gives information about the progress of the GoRilla game editor.  Further development of the program is planned for the future.

Program History

Version 17

February 2018
Dialog Font Size.  New functionality to increase the dialog font size in case you are attempting to use GoRilla on a small screen notebook laptop.

Comment Window Font.  The font in the application comment window can now be set by the user.

Move Number Navigation.  New functionality to navigate to a specific move number.

Movelist.  New option to indicate 6 moves per line in the movelist window.

Navigation Positions.  New functionality to store up to 10 positions for quick navigation.

Pente.  Pente has been added as one of the supported games.  In two board sizes: 15 and 19.

Version 16.1

February 2016
Branching.  Software fix to resolve an instability when pruning branches.

Bookmarks.  The bookmarks dialog gives a larger grid.

Version 16

January 2016
RTF Export.  Games can be exported as a document in RTF file format and displayed using your choice of Word / Office document software, from which you will be able to make edits, reformat, print, save as DOC, save as PDF.

Printing.  Printing can be done after display of the RTF export.  The existing print functionality has been removed.

Backup.  The directory for the backup files is now located in the system 'Application Data' directory.

Version 15

June 2015
Background Image.  This functionality has been removed to simplify the program.

Connect6, Y.  Support for these games has been discontinued to simplify the program.

SGF Markup.  You can now add markup figures using keystrokes.  'T', 'S', 'C', 'X' ( for triangle, square, circle, X. )

Large Collections.  New faster loading and saving of game files containing large game collections.

Windows Registry.  The program now stores settings in the Windows registry.  The INI file is no longer used.

Version 14.1

March 2012
Printing.  Improved stability when printing.

Player Statistics.  Modified logic of reporting player statistics.

Message Boxes.  Message boxes are now application-wide modal, preventing them from lingering underneath dialog windows.

Version 14

September 2011
Correct Moves.  New functionality to correct a misplaced stone.

Kropki.  The point sizes can now be adjusted by the user.  Additionally, rectangular boards are supported.

Board Sizes.  For games of Y, Hex, Unlur, Havannah and Kropki the user can set the board size for a new game.

Toolbars.  Toolbars have been added to facilitate program operation.

Bookmarks.  Simplified operation of the bookmarks dialog.

Bookmark Played Nodes.  New functionality to bookmark all positions on which a node has been played.

Version 13

July 2010
SGF Export.  New functionality to generate SGF text for the current game and to copy it to the Windows clipboard.

Import SGF Game Text.  New functionality to import games by direct pasting of SGF text.

Player Statistics.  A new dialog has been added to enable player statistics for the games in the collection to be viewed.  Player name misspellings can be globally corrected.  Games may be exported by player.

Collections Dialog.  Event information is now displayed ( SGF parameter EV ).

Scores.  New functionality to add / remove / edit SGF scores ( SGF parameter V ).

Othello / Reversi.  Added 10x10 variation.

BG Image
.  Added tile folding and flip options.

Backup Files
.  The maximum value for the number of backup files that can be stored has been increased to 1000.

.  Dialog can now delete multiple bookmarks.

Updates.  Added a ‘Check for updates’ menu entry to enable the latest news on the program to be fetched from the product web site.

Comment Next / Prev.  Corrected comment next / prev fault.

Version 12

Memory Utilisation.  Better data management has been built into the program to enable faster loading and reduce memory usage, making it particularly suitable for working with large SGF files.

Branching.  A change has been made to the way that branch information is stored.  In particular, the restriction on the number of branches from each game position has been removed.

Comments.  A better comment / annotation control has been added.

SGF Node Names.  Support has been added for SGF node names.

Find Move.  New functionality to select a node and navigate to the game position where that node was played.

Othello/Reversi.  SGF game files for Othello/Reversi can be accepted either in character format ( e.g. '[bb]', '[cg]' ) or in numeric format ( e.g. '[b2]', '[c7]' ).  GoRilla will continue to store games in the character format.

Kropki.  Kropki has been added as one of the supported games.

Background Image.  A background image ( GIF, BMP, JPG ) may be displayed in the application window.

Version 11

July 2009
Bookmarks.  Bookmark orders are now retained.

Compose.  Cut and paste functionality has been added.

Documentation.  Documentation is now in the form of a Microsoft HTMLHelp module.

GIF / BMP Generation.  Images may be in colour or black/white.  For Go, users are able to select a region of the playing board.  Images may additionally be generated from the compose dialog.

Line Mode Style.  Added 'line mode' style for image generation and for diagram printing for Unlur, Havannah, Y and Hex.

Piece Numbering. An option to number the most recent moves has been added.

Havannah.  A change has been made to the SGF implementation for Havannah.  The SZ parameter now represents the length of the board sides.  This is to achieve consistency with some of the online Havannah play sites.

Version 10

May 2009

Bookmarks. This is the major enhancement for version 10.  Positions can be bookmarked.  A dialog facilitates management of the bookmarks.

Memory Utilisation.  Improved memory management techniques have been built into the program to reduce memory usage.

Faster Loading.  Changes have been made to enable faster loading of large game files.

Compose.  The modify board and compose features have been merged into one function.

Primary Position.  Improved functionality for managing the primary position has been included.  The primary position can now be set from the game tree window.  Its position in the game tree will be indicated by the ‘[primary]’ indicator.
Version 9.2

June 2008

Printing.  Improvements have been made to the printing of games.  Variations are now displayed in a compact, inline format.  Separate colour and font weight can be specified for the branch moves.

Primary Position.  Functionality has been added to mark a position within each game as being the primary position.

Connect6.  Connect6 has been included as one of the supported games.

Preferences.  User preferences can now be set from one tabbed property dialog.

GIF Generation.  This functionality has been improved.  Images will have a better look and will include any markup.

Window Background.  The background can be painted either a uniform colour or in a sliding grade.

Playing Board.  The look of the playing board has been improved through use of image anti-aliasing.

Branching.  A limit has had to be put on the number of variations that can be created from any game position.  ( 63. )

Version 9.1

August 2006

The SGF parameter GM now defaults to "1" ( for Go ). Also, default values for the SGF parameter SZ have been coded. In particular SZ will default to "19" for games of Go ( GM = "1" ), to "17" for games of Hex ( GM = "11". )

Version 9

August 2006

Collections.   Support for collections is the major enhancement for version 9. Many games can be stored in a single game file. The collections dialog facilitates management of the games within a collection.

Backup.   A backup copy is made whenever a game file is loaded into the program or an existing game file is overwritten. This offers some protection against the accidental loss of game data.

Comment Searching.   Users can search game comments for a text string.

GIF Images.   GIF images can be generated of board positions.

Modify Board.   Users are able to ‘modify’ board positions by adding or removing pieces. Any modifications are stored in a game file by use of the SGF parameters AB, AW, AE.

Version 8

April 2006

SGF Markup.   Support for SGF Markup was added, allowing board nodes to be marked or labelled. This is the major software enhancement for version 8.

SGF Viewer.   The contents of the SGF game file can be viewed.

Version 7.1

January 2006

A correction was made to the desktop shortcut and 'Start Program with Last Game' functionality that was observed under Windows XP and later versions of the Windows operating system.

Version 7

September 2005

Branching.   This is the major software enhancement for version 7. Branching enables many lines of play to be stored in a game file.

Game Details.   Game details can be viewed or edited by the user: players' names, rankings, plus other information typically present in the header of an SGF file.

Comment Navigation.   Functionality to run through all lines of play searching for commented moves.

Version 6

July 2005

This was the first public offering of the GoRilla program.