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SGF Archives of Go ( WeiQi, Baduk ) Games

The following is a list of sites that contain archives of SGF files for Go ( WeiQi, Baduk ).  They can be downloaded and read by GoRilla.  GoRilla can easily handle the largest of the SGF files ( 300,000+ nodes / 17,000+ branches. )

http://waterfire.us/joseki.htm Kogo Joseki Dictionary.  A dictionary of joseki sequences of moves.
http://xmp.net/arno/fuseki.html Arno's Fuseki Database ( fuseki_db.sgf ).  An SGF file containing the first 50 moves of over 1870 professional games.
KGS Game Archive. Downloadable by year / month.
http://gtl.xmp.net/reviews/ Archives of reviewed games ( non-professional ) from the Go Teaching Ladder.
http://fuseki.info/ A database of professional games, searchable by player.  The site also includes a database of fuseki statistics.  You will need to register.
http://homepages.cwi.nl/~aeb/go/games/index.html An archive of ~10000 professional games.